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2017 4th Friday dinners each month

Book for Faith & Philosophy folks: Wandering in Darkness: Narrative and the Problem of Suffering (Oxford, 2010) by Eleonore Stump

Midday Prayer Fall semester will meet each week every Tuesday @ 12:15pm

Bible studies: Implications, Incarnational Presence

Other Bible studies forming

Departmental prayer groups forming -Contact Melanie

Speech & Audiology Professionals - contact Melanie;

Law School - contact Julian

Veritas forum for Fall is: Will the Real Martin Luther Please Stand Up?

Sept. 28 @ 7pm

Wandering in Darkness The Problem of Suffering visiting guest: Prof. Eleonore Stump, St. Louis University response by Prof. John Hardwig-UTK friend. The playback link for this event is:

Vulnerability & Virtue playback link:

This past Spring’s guest was Prof. Dorothy Boorse Faith, Hope, Love & Climate Change in conversation with Prof. John Nolt Playback link:

Concert of Prayer for Reconciliation(find Teresa, Lonnie & Melanie...)

4th Friday each month at the Reese home @ 7pm - This is a relaxed evening with no agenda except eating and visiting together and inviting departmental friends to join us. (In November it is 3rd Thursday before Thanksgiving and December time is also altered to an earlier festivity!)

Theology on Tap has been a good time for a book discussion.  Contact Julian if you are interested. 

Christian Legal Society - see Julian

Christian Vet Fellowship - see Melanie

-contact Julian 865-558-5773 for other

group opportunities within departments.



Special thanks to Teresa Hooper for beautiful posters such as these and many more!








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